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No Place like Home in Alpine Township's Blog | Arts & Culture

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No Place like Home in Alpine Township's Blog
No Place like Home in Alpine Township's Blog

In February of 2009 the Alpine Township Blog was launched and the first article to appear was titled "No Place Like Home", a story about Alpine Township artist Sheryl Budnik and her paintings of scenery around the "Apple Ridge" http://alpinetwp.blogspot.com/2009_02_01_archive.html  Sheryl's artwork was featured at the Keeler Gallery at Fountain Street Church and after the exhibition Sheryl allowed some of her work to be displayed at Alpine Township Hall. 

More than 4 years have passed, Alpine Township still has its blog, and Sheryl Budnik is still painting.  This month, her work has been on display at the Terryberry Gallery at the St. Cecelia Music Center.  Sheryl's interests have expanded from scenes from the Ridge  to water and Lake Michigan.

In addition to her exhibition at St. Cecelia, some of Sheryl's work is also on display at Richard App Gallery.  "I still love the Fruit Ridge", Sheryl said recently, and plans do more paintings from here.  We wish her continued success and hope to be able to display some of her works at the Township Hall again.

More information at Sheryl's website at http://www.sherylbudnik.com/