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Scalpers trying to make money off local beer festival | News

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Scalpers trying to make money off local beer festival

COMSTOCK PARK, Mich. (WZZM)- Scalpers are pushing up the cost of attending what has become a very popular winter festival in West Michigan.

Tickets for this years Winter Beer Festival, held at Fifth Third Ballpark, sold out in record time. Now, people are trying to sell those $40 tickets for well above face value.

"They were selling them for anywhere from two to three times the face value, which in Michigan is against the law. It's very clear that you can't sell them for more than face value," says Eric Briggeman, President of the Michigan Brewers Guild.

13 On Your Side looked on several sites and found the Winter Beer Festival tickets on Stub Hub for $90. We also found a pair on Craiglist for $150.

"We ended up voiding several from the Stub Hub. All of them have unique bar codes."

If you are thinking about buying any of the tickets, Briggeman says be careful. "Once we got the word out, lots of people came to us. Others are afraid of buying scalped tickets."

Tickets went on sale December 1 and were gone within 14 hours.

For those who are going this coming Saturday, it's sure to be a good time. There are 630 Michigan beers to try out. "I don't know where you can go to sample that many beers from Michigan in one day."

The Michigan Brewers Guild was able to locate some of the people who were trying to resell the tickets for a higher price. They also turned the information over to the Michigan Attorney General, hoping he will take some action.